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It’s funny what interests you when you’ve lost your job and can’t afford some of the luxuries that you once did.  I’ve  recently taken an interest in baking.  If you have read any of my other posts I am battling a hoarding disorder by writing the things in my magazines on this blog.  I’ve started with the Playboys.  I’m having a hard time figuring out how to organize a blog so that it makes good sense for the reader and for myself.  I always thought that I wanted to build a portal, but realized that a blog is exactly what I need.  Everything I want all in one highly organized space. I had heard about WordPress before, but tried to download it and install it like a program.  This just caused me much confusion and ultimately discouraged me from writing about anything at all.

I am a 37-year-old out of work career bartender.  I live in West Michigan…..the nation’s leader in unemployment.  At least we’re good at something right? Last night I attempted to make the Playboy Pizza Crust recipe (that I transcribed very poorly.)  Hoarders beware!  I did a crappy job of typing and threw out the recipe in the trash which got picked up yesterday.  I realized this last night and for that I apologize.  I cheated by using another recipe to see how much water to use and it came out alright.  I don’t think my oven was hot enough and I took it out too soon.  Later I baked a cherry pie after I turned the oven up a and burned it.  I scraped the burnt crust off  and it tasted great.  Not a recipe worth typing though.  Canned cherries and boxed pie-crust, but I leaned on the same cookbook that rescued me from my pizza crust mess.  From that I learned to sprinkle sugar on top before putting in the oven.  Overall I have realized that I need to buy a new oven if I’m going to learn how to bake.  At least it’s gas.  Oddly, I think I would rather buy that than a new flat screen TV.  Maybe when I find a new job.  There is a bar in Grand Rapids that’s cool enough that I’m going to shave off my beard before going in with my resumé.  After that my friend Nick and I are going to see Agent Orange at Billie’s.  I haven’t seen any music for a while so getting out of my little bake-shop will be nice.  Nick just bought a house so he’ll be happy to get out of his nest too.  Later this month my friend Ryan invited me to go see Govt’ Mule at The Orbit Room.  I’m looking forward to seeing Warren for the first time since last summer.  I just went into my bedroom to lie down for a minute and while looking at my bookshelf realized that blogging will be a good exercise in writing more succinctly as well as learning about HTML and file structure.  I’ve been using my laptop in the living room, but it’s making my back hurt sitting hunched over.  I’m going to have to bundle up and go back into the office and soak up the aeron chair.  My office is surrounded by 8′ sliders that go out to my decks so it’s a very cold room.  That computer doesn’t have any of my passwords etc. stored on it, but that’s the G5 with a 23″ monitor and Event studio monitors.  It’s an older G5 without an intel-based chip but it’s still a Photoshop machine with lots of ram and it sounds great.

Halloween 08

Last Halloween at the BH.

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Custom Menu Feature Filter Based on your feedback, you are loving the Custom Menu feature we launched two weeks ago. It's natural to want that feature enabled for your favorite theme, too. We're working on adding it to all themes. In the meantime, you can find themes with Custom Menu support in Appearance→Themes by choosing Custom Menu from the Feature Filters menu. [caption id="attachment_4597" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Custom Menu filter … Read More

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Hey!  I have a job.  Running  We just got it running today.  We sell dj/producer equipment and software, Adobe, Apple, Video gear, keyboards, cables, whatever you could want for!  We will probably be open for business by late this week.  Right now we are just trying to get all the kinks worked out with the website.  I finally get to work on a site.  I can’t wait to go live, we are working hard to make sure that the shopping cart is ready to go and shakes hands with our bank, get business cards made, etc.  FUN.

Photoshop User Inheritance

Congrats!  If you are a photoshop dork like I am than you will be happy to know that I just scored a small pile of the magazine that the pros read.  If anyone has an questions about how to use PS I’ll try to start posting some tutorial based on my studies.  I’ve been working hard for the past two weeks trying to learn as much as possible so haven’t been cooking or blogging.  Hopefully if anyone ever reads this will benefit from my toil.  Here’s a link to an ad that I saw in PS User today for printing business cards really cheap.  PrintRunner.  5000 for $64.95 is really cheap, I’ve paid more than that for 250!

How To Quit Drinking

My condolences if you have found this on your own. Let it be known now that in my opinion, drinking is just as much fun as sex, shopping, celebrity or anything else worth writing about. I choose liquor over cocaine, weed, heroin, heady drugs, pills, gas, or anything else that I’ve ever laid hands on. I will say that I went to my Doctor of my volition, knowing full well what he would say and what would happen. The only way for you to relate to me without  meeting me is to understand a little about who I am, how I grew up and why I had to quit.

I am a 37 year old recovering alcoholic experienced with drugs of all kinds. I was a pro. I never took a day off. I lived and breathed for drugs and would stop at nothing to make sure that I got fucked up every single day. I will not censor what I write because I know that you are probably not seeking PG-13, Eddie Haskell type information.  If I hadn’t called my Doctor out of sheer paranoia I would certainly have killed myself. I gave in when I found out that three of my friends were in trouble. One friend (maybe 33) was in kidney failure, one has pancreatitis (37) and the other, (57) kidney failure, liver disease and internal bleeding. I have hyper-lipidemia, cirrhosis would have been my fate if I hadn’t changed my lifestyle.  My father had to quit when he was 36 for the same reason, so I was not surprised to hear my diagnosis.

I was born in Holland, Michigan in November of 1972. Four years before the hurricane- blizzard that cloaked us with snow. President Ford was in office and had attended the same high school as my Grandfather in Grand Rapids, which is the second largest city in Michigan second to Detroit. My Grandfather was a pharmacist and a boy scout leader for thirty years. He and my Grandmother moved to Holland thirty miles to the south when my father was born in 1944. He worked in a small pharmacy downtown when I was little until he died in 1981. My father owned part of a small drug store in Saugatuck, Michigan where I have lived my whole life.  I grew up mimicking his every move, following him around the store and then at home.  I wanted to do anything he did.  I would ride around on my John Deere pedal tractor while he would mow our enormous lawn on his 1940’s Farmall Cub.  I learned how to drive and mow the lawn on my own when I was about 8.  I have always had a strange fascination with tractors, I even wrote about it after completing my Spanish final a few minutes early.

When I was ten or eleven I started working at the store as a stock-boy.  I filled the vials,  vacuumed the carpet, took out the trash and whatever else needed to be done.